Fix Last Voyage – Semidome Inc. Crash, Fix, Error

Here’s how to fix Last Voyage – Semidome Inc. crashes, black screen, errors, and lag. To repair Last Voyage – Semidome Inc. not working on Windows, Mac, Apple, or Samsung, make sure to check all the links provided below.

Fixing Last Voyage – Semidome Inc. Blackscreen,
Crash, Freeze, Error

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Last Voyage – Semidome Inc. Crash Fixes

Semidome Inc. - Last Voyage  artwork Last Voyage
Semidome Inc.
Genre: Games
Price: $ 1.99
Release Date: April 2, 2015

*** App Store: Best of 2015 ***

"Mind-altering" – WIRED

"Like going through the Star Gate in 2001: A Space Odyssey" – Pocket Gamer

"Prompts players to ponder how they think" – National Post

"A Beautiful Space Opera" – Kill Screen

"A feeling of awe in everything you do" – Gamezebo

"Minimal and Seductive" – The Creators Project

"Stylish and Breathtaking" – AppAdvice

"A new gaming experience that breaks the mold" – Apple'N'Apps

"Uncharacteristically comfortable with the unknown" – Pocket Tactics

"One of the 15 Most Imaginative Games" – Apple


Last Voyage is a cosmic adventure through space and mind in 10 unique chapters. Go through psychedelic portals, solve abstract puzzles, explore grand minimal forms or race against the stars. A science-fiction experience unlike any other game.

A cinematic game with stunning movie-like graphics, each chapter is visually unique and explores an original concept with completely new game mechanics.

60+ minutes of original soundtrack to heighten your sense of wonder. The soundtrack features a variety of genres and has been tailored to every movement on the screen. Best experienced with headphones.

Last Voyage is a game about space that is not about spaceships but rather what lies beyond our culture and technology. A game where you don't master a single task but rather explore a range of concepts. As a result, the levels are sometimes mysterious, and other times very direct. Sometimes completely still, and other times moving at the speed of light. While these chapters form a continuous narrative, you are constantly surprised with new ways to interact as you seamlessly transition from one chapter to another.

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