Fix HYPERSPEKTIV – Phantom Force Blackscreen, Freeze, Error

Here’s how to fix HYPERSPEKTIV – Phantom Force blackscreen, error, freezing, and lag. To fix HYPERSPEKTIV – Phantom Force not working on Windows, Mac, Apple, or Samsung, make sure to check all the links provided below.

How to Fix HYPERSPEKTIV – Phantom Force Crash, Error, Freeze

To get the official fixes, please click below:

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HYPERSPEKTIV – Phantom Force Crash Fixes

Phantom Force
Genre: Photo & Video
Price: $ 1.99
Release Date: January 18, 2016

Hyperspektiv is a powerful video & photo effects app. Create music videos, make your Instagram look super cool, use for VJ visuals, or take next level selfies.

**Featured Best New App by the App Store**

“Your photos and videos have never been trippier” – WALL STREET JOURNAL
“Distort reality with cyberdelic video app Hyperspektiv” -THE CREATORS PROJECT

Tag your creations #hyperspektiv.

• NEW: import videos from your camera roll (1080p supported!)
• Try swiping through the filters.
• Capture in square or rotate your device for the immersive landscape mode.
• Slide your finger across the view screen to adjust the effects and record it in real-time.
• Use 3D Touch on the view screen for added dimension.
• Seamlessly create VJ visuals in real-time using HDMI to Lightning cable.
• Capture HD 720p video or 1080p import.
• Take photos which will automatically save to camera roll.
• Want to get under the hood? Tap on the selected filter name to adjust the effects.
• Try repeatedly tapping the Wildcard filter for randomized madness.

Many more features coming soon including iPad support.

Explore a new creative realm with our techno-kaleidoscope. We hope you find as much inspiration using it as we did creating it.

Hyperspektiv is supported on: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 9.0 and up.

© © 2016 Phantom Force LP

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